Gutters are an extremely useful part of any home. They act as a channel to ferry storm water from the roof of the house and into the storm drains or the sewer system of the city. Without them, the water would simply flow off the roof of buildings and would spill on the ground making it unsightly and can also have the potential to overload the drain inlets that are found on the roads and streets. These gutters help to streamline the drainage system of the city and can hep in making everything more organised and slightly.

Consequences of Blocked Gutters

Like any other part of the house, gutters are no exception in that they need constant maintenance, repair and cleaning to ensure that they keep performing at their optimum level which means that they keep ferrying storm water to drains and the sewer system as they are intended to do so. A blocked gutter system can mean that the storm water is not ferried away and in turn falls from the roof into the streets which can overload the drain inlets found on the road and the streets. This can lead to urban flooding in the area which can have a multitude of negative effects such as disrupting home lives, causing property damage and even interfering with the provision of essential utilities such as gas, electricity and water. It can also have a huge impact on the drainage system of the city or town which means that it can have effects in other parts of the city as well.

In addition to this, blocked gutter systems can be a source of bacteria and other pathogens as well. Gutters are usually blocked by falling debris such as leaves, bird excrements, feather and other debris. These organics matter, combined with the moisture that is inherent from the gutters, form the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can also start the decomposition of the said organic matter. This means that not only can this create bacteria and pathogens which have the potential to make humans sick and in the worst cases, even die, but it can lead to horrendous smells which can degrade the quality of life of the people living in the vicinity.

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