Wall retaining is a process that includes the compaction of walls to keep the soil intact within a brick wall. They are thought to help against soil erosion and they keep the soil level at a certain level which ends up providing a better bed for the flowering purposes. Retaining walls looks so good and is widely made use of when there is a lot of space left and the good soil must be preserved for the plantation and ornamental purposes. Leebenso fencing provides the best quality fencing along with the different wall retaining ideas.

Purpose of retaining walls:

Retaining walls can be made of independently made structures or can be a wider piece of constructions same like buildings and their basement walls. Wall retaining has many purposes and that specifically includes:

Prevent soil erosion: Soil erosion is a process when due to heavy rain or filth the upper fertile layer of the soil gets flowed off and the soil left is usually the soil which doesn’t support plantation. Retaining walls alongside the soil area helps to prevent the soil to erode.

Creating soil beds: When wall retaining is done around a soil area then it’s saved and locked to be made use for flowering purposes and ornamentals. So, in order to make the flowering area intact and look sober wall retaining is made use of. 

Resist the lateral soil pressure: Soil pressure is maintained laterally with the wall retraining.

Types of retaining walls:

Wall retaining is done at different levels depending upon the material with which the product is made. Following are some of the types of the retaining walls we use at fencing Adelaide:

Poured Concrete:  It is thought to be the strongest one among all others we deal in. We make it stronger than a block wall. We are always mostly asked by our customers for the poured concrete retaining walls designing options. Hence, we make them more and they tend to be available in a variety of designs.

Brick Retaining wall: It is also one among the best sellers. It is quite in demand and is cheaper than concrete ones. They are stronger and durable and they last for a longer span of time.

Wooden wall retaining:  The wooden wall retainers have accessible and easily available material. Many a times people make fencing on their own and their installation is cheaper and easier. We make wood retaining in a variety of designs to make the area look more beautiful.

Stone retainer:  Stone retainer is also called as dry boulder. They are really tough and hard retaining wall blocks. They look beautiful. They really become handy in blocking the washing off the upper soil layer. They are thought to be the most natural type of wall retainers.