Whenever you will enter any house or room, the first thing you will notice its walls, and the second will be its floor. Yes, the roof is also an important part of the room to be noticed but the floor is the thing which will differentiate the look of your room or house. The floor plays an extremely critical role in furnishing of the house. No house will be count ass complete without flooring.  

In past, the floor was covered by stones, tiles or cement slabs. But now different types of flooring can be used like timber, carpet, laminated etc. The floorboards are will help to keep the structure of your home stable and clean. As all activities will be performed on the floor, floorboards have to take all the traffic. The floorboards will have to take all the bashing like stains, scratches, spilling of liquids and many more.

Serious consideration should be given before selecting the type of floorboards Christchurch. In the old-time, the stone slab was used as the floor but the problem with stone slab was they were heavy and didn’t provide a superior finish. With time those slabs get erode due to traffic on it. Same is the case with tiles and cement slabs, they will be needing periodic maintenance and also get loosen with time.

But this all discrepancies have been covered by a new type of floorboards. These new type of floorboards are made from engineered timber, reclaimed engineered timber or decent wooden floors. This has revolutionized the flooring material. As they are lighter in weight, can be glued to the ground and needs less maintenance. Even they provide the variety for every room as per their utility. Because the same floorboard will not be workable for every area like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or outdoor etc. So before selecting any floorboards, you must consider all the factors like traffic, usage, area etc. Then after knowing your perimeters, you can make a good decision, because these floorboards are a costly investment and must go years.


You must spend time on all the factors before making a final decision. There are different types of floorboards as per their utility:


  • Square edge softwood board
  • Tongue and groove softwood board
  • Square edged chipboard
  • Tongue and groove chipboard
  • Square edge plywood
  • Tongue and groove plywood
  • Square edge MDF

All these floorboards can be available in a wide range of engineer timber or wood. Their shapes are different as per their use or the type of finish you require. One must be aware of the technicality of each type before selection, it will be better to get expert advice.