The process of finding solid timber flooring and having it installed is one thing which most people will tell you about, but once the installation process is completed and you actually come back to your regular living lifestyle, there is something that you all should be knowing. Yes, we are talking about the cleanliness and maintenance of solid timber flooring Perth as soon as you have it installed. Let’s find out the dos and don’ts you should be knowing about regarding timber flooring.

1. As we all know that a wet mop is used to clean floor in order to remove dirt and sand, it is equally important to know that the worst thing you can do in order to damage the flooring in a quicker manner is to let the water sit there for more than a minute. Anything liquid that stays on solid timber flooring for over a minute means that the finishing would be ruined.

2. Do not use hot water to clean the floor. Letting the water sit on the floor for over a minute has the same impact of damage of using hot water for cleaning the floor.

3. With solid timber flooring, usage of oil and wax based cleaners is a big no as they ruin the quality and shine on the flooring. Just a basic and quick cleaning with water is all that is required to keep the flooring maintained.

4. Do not leave wet towels or mats on the floor as they have the same impact that leaving the water on floor does. In fact, leaving wet clothing results in swelling of timber which cannot be fixed and the only option you will have is to replace them.

1. Make sure you are adding protectors on your floor in order to keep the laminate flooring Perth sustain longer than their usual period.

2. Usage of mats and carpets are a good option that one can use as they act as a barrier between the water and floor which helps in keeping the floor maintained for a long time.

3. Make sure whenever you get time, you are sweeping the floor. This is because frequent sweeping will help you keep the dust and grit away and you wouldn’t require to mop the floor with water often. This means that the flooring wouldn’t have much interaction with water and hence, the longevity of these remains.

4. Ensure that the flooring does not get direct sunlight at all times. It is recommended that you install curtains, blinds or window tint films in order to avoid sun rays to enter your home and make dirct contact with the flooring as this results in fading.